Customers Quarries:

It is just a mater a few minutes that you can download our free app in your mobile. Next you will create your account, with your email address, add your profile picture and delivery address along with your personal details. And you are done. You are free to place orders on any restaurant with in the delivery range. Order will be delivered to you and you can will pay the money on delivery.
Searching criteria is very easy. You can search popular restaurants either through the search bar on the home page, by location or by cousin. Restaurants list will appear and on clicking their menu will show up.
You can place orders to as many restaurants as you like, but one at a time. So you would place order to one restaurant and then move on to the next one.
When you create your account, it allows you make a profile. In this profile you will give your permanent address, with the area title. Any time you would place an order, it will be delivered on this address, so carefully add your address in your profile. You can only keep one delivery address at a time so you’re given an option to change your delivery address.
The moment you place an order, it is received by the restaurant the very minute and within a few minutes you will be alerted about the order status, whether it is accepted or rejected. If you order is accepted then you will informed about its expected delivery time.
Maduber membership can be attained, just by making an account on Maduber. This membership will be a for life membership. We advise you to make only one account on Maduber as it will be easier for you to manage and will also prove to be a better experience for you and rest of the customers.
Maduber membership for any individual is totally free and is valid for a life time, so feel free to make an account today. It is just a matter of few minutes. So don’t miss your chance to be a part of Maduber family.
Your membership will never expire, until and unless you are found with an irresponsible behavior, caught attempting a manipulation or placing fake orders. In that case a legal action can be taken against you. Your location can be tracked with the help of concerned authorities and proper action will be taken. We expect you to be a responsible citizen and a good member of Maduber Family.
You and your comments are one of our most important assets. All our efforts are for your convenience. So, we and the restaurant owners are looking forward for the best of your comments.
Your comments will become a permanent part of our feedback and will be show in the restaurant’s “Customer’sComments “section, along with your picture.

Owner’s Concerns:

If you are an owner of one or more restaurants or your restaurant has more than one branches then Maduber is the way to go. Because we also offer our restaurant management solutions. Which would keep you in touch with every major activity or transaction that would occur in any branch of your restaurant in real time. So that you can keep a nice eye on every transaction and efficiency of your staff.
Maduber Admin panel with is the back end control that automatically records all types of transactions and produces powerful reports on the basis of this collected information. This admin panel also uses impressive visual tools for better presentation of data and reports, forboth specialist and non-specialist users.
Performance will be measured on the facts. These facts will be based on actual transactions only. Data table and graphs in the admin panel, have filter to sort out information, so that a manager or the owner may understand the sales trends and customer demands over time and make appropriate changes or switch to a new pricing and marketing strategies.
Maduber shouldn’t be consider merely, another software. It’s a virtual bridge between, you, your customers and your business. And through this bridge you will remain connected and update. It has powerful promotions tools, you do not have to invest in any other online advertisement. We will help you to attract customers other than yours form any of your desired location. This is how we can help you to expand your business.
Regardless of how big or small your restaurant is, regardless how much or how less amount of investment you have, Maduber is a platform for you. This is the beauty of our solution. You membership starts with absolutely zero investment. We have different packages, depending upon your interest in modernizing your business and the amount of investment you have. The more you add sugar, the sweeter it is.
It is very simple to operate and you may not need any extra hardware, beside the one you’re already using. Necessary hardware is a Table/PC, an internet connection and printer. Besides this you need a computer operator and it is so easy that even a high school student can operate it for you.
This is one of the distinct features of our platform that I does not cost you any think to get registered and remain a member of Maduber. This membership is totally free and you will remain a member of Maduber Family, for the rest of your life, after once you are registered.

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