About Us

About us

What’s new in it?

We call Maduber an “All in One solution” because we have done our research, met customers, restaurant owners, understood their problems and devised a complete solution which would address all their issues and dreams. Maduber shouldn’t be consider merely, another website. It’s a virtual bridge between, you, your customers and your business. And through this bridge you will remain connected and update.It is a cloud based solution that connects the restaurant with its owner, customers and workers in real time.

Regardless of how big or small your restaurant is, regardless how much or how less amount of investment you have, Maduber is a platform for you. This is the beauty of our solution. You membership starts with absolutely zero investment. Our solution is designed to make meal ordering, super easy for customer, delivery, timely & accurate for the delivery boys, and management, easy and reliable for owners than ever. Restaurants owners can now stay in touch and monitor progress off all the branches of their restaurant at any given time. Furthermore they are kept informed about the every major activity, carried out in the restaurant, as it occurs.

"Our Journey"

Vision and plan of Maduber, came like a newborn baby in the hands of two guys named Mustafa&Andreas. This baby was nourished, groomed and turned into this powerful and versatile product that it is today. This dream formed the partnership between the above mention guys 3 years, before its launch date, which was April 2016. Today Maduber is a multinational company and even in the first year of its inauguration, it is setting foot in 3 countries and is expanding way faster than its competitors. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa is the director and CEO of Maduber Pvt. Ltd Pakistan where Mr. Andreas Bauer is his counterpart In UK.

Our Mission:

Our mission goes way beyond the typical objective of profit making. We want to make a mark in the field of advancement of restaurant industry. We want to save new restaurants from failing and expand the business of running restaurants. We want to be that name, which should bring ease to the life of a common person and the restaurant owner as well. So, we are so proud in doing what we are doing.